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Waterhouse Process

Discovery Meeting

If you are interested in engaging Waterhouse for advice, then the first step is to arrange a ‘discovery meeting’.  We will invite you to come to our office and we will take you through a short introductory presentation about Waterhouse and what happens if you decide to appoint us. We will also ask you questions about your objectives and circumstances to make sure that our areas of expertise match your requirements.

If you are happy with us then we can move to stage two – Meeting.

Fact Finding Meeting

This is the most important part of our advice process and the opportunity for us to learn about your objectives. We spend time listening to you and exploring everything you want to achieve. We will also gather all your detailed financial information, as this will form the basis of your financial plan. At the end of the meeting, we will have a clear idea of what is required in terms of developing your financial plan/strategy.

We will follow up the meeting with a proposal and confirm the cost for your plan.


We recommend that you start with a lifetime cash flow, if appropriate. This will form all the advice which follows, as it will identify the return you require on your assets to achieve your goals. This will allow us to make sure that we only take the minimum risk that is required and we will discuss what this means in terms of Investment Strategy and Asset Allocation. This will include ‘What If’ events that can help you see your planning and risks to aid understanding.


This is the stage where we recommend any specific financial products or investment funds required to populate and achieve your strategy. We will make specific recommendations and detail any risks and costs involved. We will complete all the necessary paperwork and give you online access to your investments.

We will agree all relevant fees, depending on the sums and complexity involved.


Waterhouse can provide you with an ongoing review, advice and support service. On an annual basis, we will formally review your progress against your plan to ensure that your financial strategy continues to meet your aspirations. We will advise of any legislative changes which could affect you or new developments which could benefit you. Our service is proactive and, between reviews, we may contact you with details of any changes which are relevant to you and advise accordingly. If you would like more frequent valuations or meetings, these can be arranged as required.

We charge a fee based on a percentage of funds under advice.